Dog Best Friends: Let’s Talk About Dog and Dog Care It is really rewarding and fun having a dog at home, but it takes a big responsibility and it can be costly and time-consuming at the same time, so you need to know if you are ready and capable of having a pet. Once you won a dog, it is considered as a lifetime commitment because dogs or any other pet will eventually create a special bond with you and your family. It is essential to be prepared for all the challenges and responsibilities you have to face involved in dog ownership because any sudden change in ownership can be traumatic for you and your dog. If you are planning to get a dog, bear in mind that you need to provide food, water, shelter, medical care, love and attention. Owning a dog means spending an average of $800 to $1,000 per year for basic supplies, food, and veterinary care as well as additional cost emergency care expenses. You need to consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing a breed of dog, and not merely relying on its cuteness or built. For example, greyhounds are naturally loving and sweet, can get along with strangers so it is usually ideal for first-time pet owners. Before adopting a dog, you can ask some recommendations from friends, relatives, and a veterinarian. A veterinarian is considered as the best source of reliable information when asking about a specific breed of dog’s character, attitude or personality as they have undergone a thorough study of animal behavior, and they have the experience handling different types of dogs. It is important to prepare all basic supplies before bringing your new dog at home such as ID tag, dog collar, rabies tag, leash, water and food bowls, comfortable dog bed and toys. If you are already decided on the specific type of dog for you, it is highly important to remove all pet hazards at home such as bottles of chemicals, small toys, curtain cords and electric cords away from your pet’s level to prevent accidents. When it comes to choosing a dog food, it is essential to choose those with “complete” or “balanced” on their labels and also consult a veterinarian for recommendation. Just as human babies, puppies also cry in the middle of the night, so be prepared being disturbed with their crying. To soothe your puppy, do not bring your puppy to your own bed, rather set up your puppy’s home in a kennel that can be closed or an enclosed space with a comfortable bed. Housetraining should start from the very first day you bring your dog at home, leashing your puppy to start getting to know your home and his neighborhood.On Tips: My Thoughts Explained

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