Why You Want Marble and Granite Floors and Why You Don’t

Aside from wood, marble and granite prove to be popular materials for flooring. You can often spot these types of flooring in rich people’s homes. The natural designs of marble and granite make them the perfect look for a luxurious home. But they can offer more than that. They are not only designed to look good, they have other advantages, too.

Marble and granite have that elegant look
Either marble or granite will look absolutely wonderful on your kitchen floor or on any other part of your home. Guests will always stand in awe of these types of floors. They are also perfect for when you always want to feel luxurious even when you’re in your jammies.

Proper care is simple
Both marble and granite need to be cared for regularly, that’s a given. However, cleaning spills and dirt is a breeze with marble and granite. Spills or stains from drinks, food, or dirty shoes can be easily cleaned using a wet mop – no special chemicals required.

Marble and granite floors can endure a lot of abuse
You can look and marvel at these beauties as long as you want as they are also pretty durable to last you a lifetime. If you want to get the most out of your investment, get the premium grade whichever of the two you’re getting for your floors. They will not buckle under pressure, so you need not stress over anyone who walks on your floors. These are also water-resistant with the right application of sealer.

However, as with any other materials, marble and granite floors have their disadvantages. Flooring materials don’t revolve around these two. Carefully review every aspect of these types of flooring first before you let go of your hard-earned money.

You need professionals to do the installation
Only professionals must touch and even attempt to install these types of materials onto your homes. Simple mistakes can cost a lot, and you won’t fully enjoy what these materials have to offer if they’re installed carelessly. You can, however, make sure that the contractor has a good reputation when it comes to granite or marble flooring installation.

Not for those operating within a tight budget
Every house doesn’t have marble flooring simply because it is a costly material. Granite is cheaper, but it is still not cheap enough for those wanting to save and those with a tight budget.

The weight needs to be accounted for
Both granite or marble flooring can be really heavy, and as such, the house they’re going into must be prepared. They must be taken into calculations so that the weight will not cause the upper floors to fall down, which is possible without good support.

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