Breaking up is never easy. Even if the person doing the breaking up thinks it’s for the best, there can be a feeling of grief over the end of what the person thought their life together would be. In some cases, one or even both parties are left feeling that the breakup was a mistake. This can be quite difficult and leave one unable to move on after the end of the relationship. The following are some tips for couples and individuals determine whether or not a breakup was a huge mistake.

An inability to move on

According to the informative website, the inability to move on from a relationship is a sign that ending it may have been a mistake. While it’s normal to have some questions after a breakup, if months have gone by and you’re still not able to move on with your life, you may want to look deeper to see if indeed, the relationship should have continued.

You’re unable to relate to new romantic partners in the same way as an ex

It does, of course, take time to connect with a new partner, however, if after several months you still find yourself thinking back to how well you and your ex connected, maybe that relationship was meant to be. If no one else even comes close to giving you the feelings of completeness, and closeness that you felt with an ex, perhaps that is the one for you.

You’ve both grown up emotionally

When one or both partners grow emotionally, they may realize that the reasons for the breakup were petty, and not as serious as they once thought. The phrase ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, makes more sense as one matures. Maybe times the things that a couple fights about when they are in their teens, or even early 20s, fail to matter as they get older and learn more about life.

It’s not always possible or even sensible to go back with an ex. However, if your life feels like it’s out of balance and at a standstill since the breakup, it may be time to analyze the relationship to see if maybe breaking up was a mistake. Once you determine this you may want to try for a reconciliation, or if that’s not possible, try getting some professional help to help you get on with your life without your ex.

How to Determine Whether or Not Your Breakup Was a Mistake