Climbing Mt Kenya and the Fun You Will Have Life and mountains are similar in that in both you are exposed to a number of obstacles. If you are well motivated though you’d be surprised at how far you are willing to go and with Mt Kenya you are getting the total package. If you are looking for the lost piece of heaven why not try Mt Kenya located just four hours from Nairobi . Her height is measured at five thousand one hundred and ninety nine meters .. She represents the virgin beauty that has not yet being exhausted all the while maintaining her glorious fauna in her bosom. She exudes an upright and untamed nature that takes your breathe away at first glance. The crown on her head represents the three peaks,Batian, Nelion ad Lenana. She offers ever so openly a chance for you to experience her abudance of nature and untamed animals. It’s a huge step but the challenge has never been so sweet. The trek can be approached from a number of routes you just have to chose which you want. Among the most preferred routes are Naru Moru, Simiron and Chogoria. This may be attributed to the fact that they offer you the scenery of a lifetime. The point Lenana is characterized by a temperature of about negative ten degrees Celsius . If you have an adventurous streak then Chogoria is the route you want to take. There is no doubt that you’ll spend more time before you get to your destination but the experience justifies the means. If you interested in feeling the expedition you might want a guide with you as they understand the geography and make the experience come alive. A four wheeled vehicle has proven to be very useful in this kind of endeavors. Natural just went digital with guide websites being available presently to carter for your needs. You get to relax while they take care of your food , transport, accommodation in good time. The payments are very manageable and increase with the increases in the number of days you will be staying, Whether you are staying in huts or loges you are still in a position to enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your dwelling. A safari may be in order if you are banking on a more comprehensive experience. There you can experience a day in the wild in a scene resembling that of the lion king animation not to mention real live wild animals.
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The question on everyone’s mind is what makes Mt Kenya that special. The higher you go the cooler it becomes literally. You are bound to see buffalos, black rhinos ,elephants, monkeys and antelope at only two hundred and twenty eight metres squared of the climb. The fact that the vegetation is practically rainforest and bamboo with a resemblance of the Scottish highlands should be incentive enough. Peak Lenana serves for normal trekking but for those who just want to push the limits you could go all the way to Batian.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Traveling

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